Protimeter BLE Temperature, Rh & Moisture Content Bluetooth Data Logger (20 Pack)

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Protimeter BLE BLD2025 - Bluetooth Low Energy Environmental Logger

The Protimeter BLE is a compact battery-powered device that measures and logs Relative Humidity, Temperature, and Moisture Content in wood and other building materials. With simple Bluetooth® pairing, the BLE is capable of data logging up to 1,000 readings at customized intervals that can then be viewed remotely through the Protimeter BLE App


  • Precise measurements of relative humidity and temperature
  • Measure the moisture content of wood and WME in other materials
  • Data logs up to 1,000 readings
  • IOS and Android app available for free download
  • Replaceable battery
  • IP65 environmental protection


  • Long and short-term monitoring of a building’s moisture health
  • Early warning of potential mold problems
  • Monitor environmental conditions over the long term to help protect buildings of artifacts
  • Simple Bluetooth pairing and setup
  • Multiple settings for logging and interval setting
  • Measure moisture content in a range of building materials, including wood and drywall
  • No monthly fees