Pre-filter for Razorback MaxxGuard 550 & 550UV

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Razorback MaxxGuard 550 & 550UV 5-Pack MERV-10 Filter for Air Scrubber
The air filter has a MERV-10 rating allowing it to capture microscopic airborne particles without impacting airflow.

· Prevent particles in the air from entering the inside of the unit.
· Regular replacement of filters can make the compressor run more efficiently.
· MERV-10 filter: Replace as necessary, we recommend changing every 2-3 months.

· Dimension: 365mm X 346mm X 20mm
· Weight: 30 grams each 

Changing the filters
· Replace as necessary - we recommend changing every 2-3 months.
· Simply slide the filter into the air filter return of your unit in the direction indicated by the arrow.

It also fits Alorair CleanShield HEPA 550.

Step 1

· Take a new MERV-10 filter.

Step 2

· According to the arrow indicator of the border, the arrow point is the direction of installation.

Step 3

· Stand upright and installation is complete.