PowerClean PowerClenz Ultra 20ltr (See Actichem Performance Gold)

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PowerClean’s PowerClenz Ultra is a unique blend of high performance surfactant chemistry, soil release agents and solvents which combine to provide grease cutting power normally only associated with high pH, heavy duty degreasers. The beauty is that whilst PowerClenz Ultra rips through the toughest of grime it cares for the carpet fibre at the same time and rinses freely to leave the carpet chemical free.


Colour Red
pH 8.5 to 9.5 RTU
Safety Non-Hazardous
Pack Size 5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt


  • Soil Suspension – PowerClenz Ultra employs a “no cost spared” selection of grease cutting agents to break through resistant soiling and specialty polymer technology to suspend the soils for effective rinsing.  Tracked in Soils – Smart chemistry breaks down and suspends fine clays and atmospheric soiling. This is of particular benefit in areas where red soils are present. 
  • Fibre Safe – Is ideal for use on virtually all carpet fibres when used as specified. Meets the specifications for use on 5th generation stain resistant carpet. 
  • Ultra Concentrate – PowerClenz Ultra is a super concentrate formula which allows it to be diluted to economical dilution ratios whilst still providing high performance cleaning. 
  • Safety First – PowerClenz Ultra has a low VOC profile which means no unwanted, unpleasant vapours. This is complimented by it’s outstanding low toxicity and OH&S ratings. 
  • A Pleasure to Use – PowerClenz Ultra has been designed for easy use through pump-up or hydroforce sprayers and fragrances the area with a fresh clean scent.


PowerClenz Ultra is ideal for use where heavy grime constantly presents itself such as restaurant cleaning, high traffic passage ways in shopping centres, hospitals, schools and government buildings and offices in industrial buildings. It is of course ideally suited to cleaning carpets in domestic and institutional applications.


Dilution: Pump-up Sprayer 
Add 25-15 ml per litre of water (1:40 – 1:75) depending on soil conditions.

For heavy soil conditions, up to 40ml per litre can be added without causing resoiling or damage to fibres. (Strong dilutions are not recommended for wool carpets.)

Hydroforce High Pressure Model 
1:9 tip (Yellow): Add 700ml to 1.2Lt into 5Lt Hydro-Force container and fill with water. 
1:32 tip (Brown): Dilute 1:1 with water or add directly into 5Lt Hydro-Force container.

1.   Always prepare the carpet to be cleaned by thoroughly vacuuming the area. 
2.   Prespray the PowerCleanz Ultra solution onto the carpet. Do not allow to dry. 
3.   Agitate and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time. 
4.   Extract rinse using Clean Rinse (Wool Carpets) or Extract (Synthetic Carpets). 
5.   Assist drying with air movers or similar if atmospheric conditions are humid.