Poly-Hanger #1 Wall Clip

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Poly Hanger #1

  • Hang sheeting directly to wall moldings of acoustic ceilings
  • Simple to install, reusable
  • 100 per box
  • Alleviates wall surface damage; no spray glue needed
  • Increases production and prevents poly sheets from falling

Poly-Hangers save time and labor by attaching in just a few seconds, helping to quickly install containment areas, drying chambers, or dust protection barriers at your work site.

They also help to eliminate damage and clean-up efforts caused by tape and glue adhesives, making the work you do safer and more effective.

The Poly-Hanger #1 supports one or more layers of poly-sheeting on the face of the wall by attaching behind the molding. It can also support poly in front of masonry or paneling by attaching with a small nail into a masonry or paneling joint which can easily be patched after the job is completed.

Poly-Hanger #1 Installation:

  • Install Hangers approximately 3' apart.
  • Hang the poly sheeting on the prong keeping the top of the poly just below the wall molding.
  • Complete the containment by taping between the poly and the molding, and by taping over the prong.
  • Hanger 1 can be used to support poly in front of masonry by nailing in a joint using a tension pin (i.e., tempered steel molding nail available at drywall supply houses).
  • Poly-Hanger 1 is removed by gently pulling down on the outer tip of the wall molding which causes the back vertical leg to rotate away from the wall and Hanger 1 can be slid downward.
  • Poly-Hangers can also be reused on future jobs.