PMF Mach 12 Titanium Wand 1.5 Inch X 12 Inch 4 Jet Inc Teflon Glides

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PMF's new 12" wide titanium 1.5 Inch X 12 Inch 4 Jet Wand with included Teflon Glide is engineered for maximum recovery and ease of use.

  • 12" wide, 1-1/2" diameter tube 
  • 4.08 kg. finished weight!!!
  • V800EZ valve  
  • S/S jets with S/S check valves 
  • Adjustable manifold.

PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Wand is the Carpet Cleaning wand that every other Wand is measured against. The 12" wide suction head and 1.5" down tube allow PMF's Mach 12 Titanium wand to generate a balance of excellent vacuum and great soil recovery while keeping the weight very low. Weighing in at just around 4 kg, and as durable as all get out, PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Wand is one of the lightest most effective carpet cleaning wands in the 12-inch x 1.5-inch size. 

Made with the highest quality components:

  • In addition to the titanium, the entire Mach 12 Wand is made with the highest quality components available to ensure years of trouble-free and efficient service.
  • A durable PMF V800EZ Valve with 800psi operating pressure is perfectly suited for truckmounts and high-pressure portable carpet extractors. 

Designed for success!

  • PMF's Mach 12 has 4 spray jets that blast cleaning solution as the perfect angle, moving soils across carpet fibers, rather than pressing them deeper within. Soils are loosened and left in a perfect position to be immediately extracted by the optimally designed 12" wide suction slot.
  • Additionally, PMF installed stainless steel check valves to prevent dripping at the jets when the trigger valve is released.
  • The Mach 12 has a low-profile head that slips right underneath low-slung furniture, eliminating the need to switch to a special tool.
  • PMF's Mach 12 comes standard with a Teflon Glides, the ultimate in reduced friction and relief from back strain! 
  • The Mach 12's 1.5-inch Recovery Tube provides a balance between, good soil recovery and super lightweight. The perfect lightweight wand for portable extractors. 
  • The 4 Jet Adjustable Manifold along the 12" wide head allows for even, streak-free cleaning coverage and maximum control over how the carpet cleaning solution gets applied to the carpet fibres.

If you're looking for the most effective, most efficient, fastest cleaning, and easiest-to-use Carpet Cleaning Wand for Portable Carpet Cleaning Extractors, this is it!  You've found it in PMF's Mach 12 Titanium Carpet Cleaning Wand!