OmniPro Soot Wash 2.95KG

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OmniPro Soot Wash is specifically formulated to remove tough soot stains from water-safe textiles including clothing, sheets, upholstery, carpet, and drapes.

Soot Wash solves the 3 main issues with cleaning soot-contaminated textiles.

1) Hard-to-remove soot stains.

  • Soot Wash surfactants penetrate deep into textiles to remove stubborn soot stains and then loosen soot from the fibers through a powerful charge-charge interaction.

2) Strong smoke odors.

  • Soot Wash permanently neutralizes odors with a pairing agent that gets rinsed away after cleaning.

3) Redeposition of soot particles.

  • Once soot has been removed from the textile it can reattach when sitting in a washing machines. Soot Wash contains ions that prevent re-staining from occurring and allows for thorough removal of stains.

Can be used as a prespray for carpets and upholstery, or as a detergent in washing machines for the removal of soot from water-safe fabrics.