Leather Master Nubuck Degreaser 200ml

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Leather Master Nubuck Degreaser Instructions:

Once oil or grease has penetrated the grain of the leather it can be difficult to remove.

Leather Degreaser draws oil out of leather and traps it on the surface where it can be easily removed. This takes time. You will need to be patient.

  • If the stain is confined to a small area, cover any leather that doesn`t need to be treated.
  • To do this, cut a hole approximately the size and shape of the stain in a sheet of paper and lay the paper on the leather.
  • Shake the can well.
    • Aerosol application: hold the can at an angle and approximately 25-30cm from the leather. Spray towards the centre of the stain, feathering the product to the outside. Make sure that droplets do not fall off the tip of the nozzle onto the leather as they may cause a ring. 
    • Paste application: use a paintbrush to apply the product liberally to the affected area.
  • Allow the product to dry, this may take several hours. If possible, leave to dry overnight. The degreaser goes onto the leather as a liquid and turns into a powder as it reacts with the oil in the leather.
  • Vacuum the area to remove the powder. Check that all the oil has been removed. Heavily saturated areas may require several applications. The powder can only absorb a fixed amount of oil per application.
  • Remove any residual powder using Leather Soft Cleaner (for nubuck, use the Nubuck Cleaning Cloth).
  • Dry the area with a hair dryer, then massage and knead the leather to prevent any rings from forming.
  • Re-protect the leather using the appropriate protection product.

Read the safety instructions and only use the product in properly ventilated areas.

We strongly recommend that you check your leather for colour fastness before applying any product for the first time. This is particularly important when applying products to sensitive leathers such as aniline and nubuck. To do this apply a small amount of the product to a clean, white cloth. Rub the cloth gently on a hidden area of the furniture, and check the cloth to see if any colour has transferred. Allow the area to dry for 30 minutes, and check if there are any changes to the colour of the leather. To shorten the drying time, the area can be dried using a hair dryer. Hold the hair dryer at least 30 cm from the leather and dry the area using a slow sweeping motion. Take care not to over-heat or burn the leather. If you notice colour transfer or any visible changes to the leather, do use the product on that piece of furniture. Contact us for more information.