Leather Master Nubuck Cloths (2 Pack)

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The Nubuck Cleaning Cloth is a dry clean product for nubuck. It will remove general soiling and the flattening or matting caused by body oils.

Unlike liquid cleaners, the Nubuck Cleaning Cloth can be used to spot clean nubuck. The cloth can also be used on suede and microfiber.


  1. Wrap the cloth around a clean dry sponge.
  2. Rub the affected area in multiple directions. To ensure that your leather is properly cleaned, it is essential that you use the cloth in all directions. 
  3. Apply Eco Protector.

Most nubuck leathers are not colourfast, so you may notice some colour transfer on the cloth. This does not damage the leather, but it is important to only use nubuck clothes on like coloured leathers.

Suitable for nubuck leather.