Grandi Groom Carpet Rake to Carpet Brush Conversion Kit

Regular price $150.32

The Grandi Groom Conversion Kit consists of our Grandi Brush head with a dual head connector to attach to your existing Grandi Groom carpet rake to create a two-headed grooming tool.

The Grandi Brush features a single row of nylon fibers that have been designed specifically to give maximum penetration on commercial grade level and multi-loop carpets. With the Grandi Brush, you can agitate pre-sprays as well as protectors to get the optimum performance from all your carpet cleaning chemicals.

The Grandi Brush can be combined with the classic Grandi Groom to create the Grandi/Brush Combo. With the conversion kit, you can create a two-headed grooming tool that adapts easily to different types of carpets.