Injectidry Vac‐It 8-Point Panel 36 Inch x 30 Inch Each

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Injectidry Vac‐It 8-Point Panel

The original 8 Point Panel 36" x 30" ABS plastic ‐ (8) 3/8" extraction points per panel

Easy as 1, 2, 3... Use to dry all sorts of wet materials, such as hardwoods, headers, and plaster walls.

Simplify the setup process and significantly reduce your labor costs. After extracting excess water, simply tape around the edges, hook up the tubes (or hoses to manifolds), then hoses to the Air In (negative pressure) port of your HP System, and turn the system on. For safer drying use the INTERCEPTOR HEPA System.

(Taping the edges is the only way to ensure a consistently good seal and minimize the trip hazard).