HydraMaster EVOLUTION Wand - 2 Inch 6x Jets

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The Hydramaster Evolution carpet wand is light, durable, and more efficient than any other wand on the market today!

Through scientific testing, the Evolution was designed to smooth airflow and boost water recovery performance.

The rotationally molded head and aircraft aluminum tube combine to make a carpet wand that is about half the weight of most stainless steel carpet wands. Replaceable air-tight Delrin® acetal glide and ergonomic design allow effortless glide across any type of carpet.

  • 2-inch " Aluminum Tube
  • 16-inch Wide Head
  • Delrin Acetal Glide (with slots)
  • 6 Jets
  • Rated to 1200 PSI

What sets the Evolution wand apart from the competition is its innovative use of laminar airflow technology. When air flows at a low velocity through straight narrow tubes, it tends to be more orderly and streamlined. This is called laminar flow and it dramatically increases overall airflow, thus improving water recovery performance.

When tested against other traditional wands, the Evolution removed twice the moisture of the next best-performing wand.

The Evolution’s glide receiver and vacuum tube are made of strong but light aircraft aluminum, and the stainless steel solution line and fittings can withstand up to 3,000 PSI.

Special Notes for Technicians:

The lightweight design of the Evolution wand may give you the false impression that you’re not really getting the pickup you need to clean. It glides so easily, that many technicians, used to backbreaking labor, are thrown off by how little effort they need. The natural reaction is to push down harder on the wand. However, this actually chokes off the airflow and reduces the amount of suction on the wand.

This wand is designed to increase the amount of water pulled from a carpet without increasing the amount of work for the technician. So trust the wand, relax, and let this revolutionary tool do the work for you!

Still don’t believe us? 

Clean your own house with your original wand, then mark the water line on the waste tank to see how much water you pulled. Then go back and re-clean your house (or another house of the same size with a similar carpet) with the Evolution. You’ll be amazed when you check the waste tank to see how much more water you’ve removed – and with less work!

Replacement Parts:

  • AW97-2097B - Glide
  • B344 - Jets