Flojet Pump 100 psi Demand 230V

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The Flojet 2130 series is self-priming.

For vertical pump, mounting is sure that the motor is located on top. This will prevent water from entering the motor chamber in event of a leak.

  • The built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops the pump instantaneously when the discharge valve is opened and closed.
  • The pump head may be rotated in 90° increments to simplify plumbing.
  • Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 71°C (170°F).
  • Duplex Diaphragm Design eliminates troublesome shaft seal.
  • No metal contact with liquid being pumped. 
  • Ball-bearing drive throughout the pump and motor assures longer pump life.
  • Excellent self-priming capability. The pump may be located several feet from the tank above or below the liquid level.
  • Powerful, permanent magnet motor with a low current draw and long life brushes.


Model No
Voltage L/min
Diaphragms Valves
2130-232 230v AC 6.8 95 EPDM EPDM

Full Details

Suitable Uses Liquid transfer, Reverse Osmosis, use with some chemicals and water used in carpet cleaning machines.
Suitable liquids Many chemicals, seawater, fresh water, sugars, whisky and wine, etc 
Warranty 12 months 
Materials used Pump Head: Polypropylene   Diaphragms: EPDM    Valves: EPDM
Electrical Voltage: 230v AC   Amp draw: 0.75A    Watts: 170W   Power lead length: 400mm
Pressure switch Yes - Cut out pressure: 95 PSI (6.5 bar)
Internal Bypass Yes
Self-prime Up to 2.4m maximum
Suction Strainer Not included 
Liquid Temperature 71°C Maximum
Inlet/Outlet Ports 1/4" Female NPT thread
Connections Included None  
Fan cooled motor No
Dimensions Length: 230mm   Height: 94mm    Width: 100mm
Made in: Mexico