Filter G4 merv-8 Razorback MaxxDry 85L

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This filter helps prevent the congestion of impurities from the air outside, protecting the inner components. It captures the majority of larger airborne particles after the air is blown into the machine. Specification Dimension: 243mm X 270mm X 15mm Weight: 32 grams/pc Key Features · Easy to replace and use. · Aluminum frame design enhances structural stability. · Ensures adequate airflow to maximize performance while safeguarding internal components. · Regular replacement of filters promotes efficient compressor operation. Changing the filters · Replace as needed - we recommend at least every 8 months. · Simply slide the filter into the air filter return of your unit, following the direction indicated by the arrow.

They also fit the Alorair Storm SLGR 850X, Storm LGR 850X & Storm LGR 850 Commercial Dehumidifiers.