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Delmhorst TotalCheck 3 in 1 Moisture Meter & Thermohygrometer

With Case: includes meter, (1) RHT-S3 humidity sensor, carrying case, (1) RH/T-C1 cable. Order as TCHECKW/CS.

The TotalCheck is a three in one moisture meter that offers scan and pin moisture modes and a thermo-hygrometer that measures ambient temperature and relative humidity and calculates specific humidity and dew point.

The TotalCheck is one of the best moisture meters Australia wide and enables you to measure the relative humidity within the concrete. This procedure involves drilling a small hole in the concrete and inserting and capping a humidity sleeve flush with the floor. After a designated period of time the RH of the air in the hole will be at the same moisture level as the concrete around it.

Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter Basic Operation:

  • Simplified controls for quick and easy use

Enhanced Operation:

  • Stores up to 1400 readings

Pin Mode:

  • 5% – 60% wood scale
  • Corrects for temperature over the range of -18 to 124°C
  • 0.1% – 6% gyprock scale
  • 0 – 100 numerical reference scale for non-wood building materials

Scan Mode:

  • 0 – 200 numerical reference scale

Thermo-hygrometer with relative humidity sensor:

  • Measures temperature over the range of -20 to 70°C
  • Measures relative humidity (RH) over the range of 0 – 100%
  • Calculates dew point
  • Calculates specific humidity (GPK)
  • Export job data to Excel
  • Customise printing options
  • View readings and statistics in the application program
  • Save and print individual or group job readings
  • Customise job title
  • Append notes to each job
  • Data displayed in Celsius
  • Generate graphical histogram


  • Connector for external electrodes
  • RH sensor direct on meter or by cable
  • On-screen reading recall of up to 1400 stored readings
  • Date and time stamp for each stored reading
  • Job groupings
  • Infrared linking to computer
  • Application software to generate reports and manage data
  • Backlight screen for dark areas
  • Adjustable audible alarm
  • 9 volt battery
  • 1 year warranty
  • Carrying case

Total Check Package Variations:

  • With Case: includes meter, (1) RHT-S3 humidity sensor, carrying case, (1) RH/T-C1 cable. Order as TCHECKW/CS.
  • Flooring Package: Includes meter, (1) RHT-S3 humidity sensor, (1) RHT-C1 cable, carrying case, 26-ES electrode, (10) 496 pins, (10) CS-3 sleeves, and PC/KIT with software program. Order as TCHECK/FP
  • Restoration Package: Includes meter, 22-E electrode, RHT-S1 humidity sensor, RHT-C1 cable, 10 x CS-2 sleeves, 10 x A-111 pins and PC kit with software application Order as TCHECK/RP/MM