Delmhorst BDX-30 Moisture Meter Woodflooring Package

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The BDX-30 Moisture Meter Woodflooring Package includes the carrying case and 26-ES Hammer Electrode. 

The powerful Delmhorst BDX-30 Moisture Meter brings all the design elements and functionality of the BDX-20, and also introduces Bluetooth integration to the Navigator family with the Delmhorst EDGE app!

This exciting addition to the meter enhances your ability to ensure precise readings from anywhere and export data including geotags and timestamps.

The BDX-30 brings today’s technology from the field to the office, making the most challenging project easier, more efficient, and most accurate.


  • Delmhorst EDGE™ app with Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Large, custom display with auto backlight - easy to read under all conditions.
  • Species/Materials – download up to 15 into the meter out of 37 available
  • MC range:
    • 6%-60% Wood (Douglas Fir)
    • 0.1% -6% Drywall
    • 0-100 Reference scale
  • Wood temperature correction (°F/°C)
  • Alarm set point - alerts to user-selected MC level
  • On-screen readings statistics – High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation, Last 10
    Internal calibration check
  • Pins/electrode correction (insulated or non-insulated)
  • Integral contact pins max 5/16” penetration (use 2498/A-100)
  • Compatible with any Delmhorst external electrode.
  • Color-coded LED’s – adjustable through EDGE™ app
  • Multi-language - available fall 2021
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case – included
  • Power – 2x AA batteries – Alkaline Energizer included
  • “Low Batt” warning with audio
  • Auto-off timer. Set to 1m, 4m, or 10m
  • QR code on meter for easy access to support materials
  • Size: meter only - 8.65in (2.2mm) x 2.85in (72mm) x 1.55in (39mm); in carry case - 9.5in (241mm) x 6.5in (165mm) x 2.5in (64mm)
  • Weight: meter only - 0.4.5oz (1.3g); in carry case - 18oz (510g)
  • 2-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. Bonus extended warranty with on-line registration.

BDX-30 Package Variations:

Meter with carrying case: Order as BDX-30w/CS 

P01 – Behind the Wall Package: Includes meter, 21-E electrode (3in penetration) and carrying case. Order as BDX-30/P01 

P02 – Wood Flooring Package: Includes meter, 26-ES hammer electrode, extra pins, and carrying case. Order as BDX-30/P02 

P03 – Contractor/EIFS Package: Includes meter, 26-ES (and extra pins) and 21-E electrodes, HP-1 hole punch, 608-001 (7in spares for 21-E), pluck foam insert in the case. Order as BDX-30/P03 (N.B. The 26-ES fits inside the case with the meter)


EDGE™ Bluetooth app features – available with BDX-30 only

  • List of the meter’s saved readings with a timestamp and geotag
  • Graphical capability
  • Data export to .csv – full or selected data sets
  • Save unlimited readings
  • Access to expanded species/material selections
  • Customize LED ranges
  • Multi-languages in meter – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian
  • Species sets for international species
  • Use EDGE™ with a smartphone or tablet.

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