Delmhorst 22-ET 1/2" Penetration 2 Pin Electrode with Tapped Handle

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With this electrode, you'll be able to measure the moisture of plaster, masonry, and wood. The included A-111 uninsulated contact pins ensure 0.44in (11.18mm) penetration into the material.

When you attach this Delmhorst 22-E Electrode to your compatible Delmhorst moisture meter, you'll be able to test the moisture level of plaster, masonry, and wood. The electrode comes with uninsulated contact pins, which provide 0.44in (11.18mm) of penetration.

  • Ideal for use with plaster, masonry, and wood
  • Compatible with nearly any Delmhorst moisture meter (sold separately)
  • Comes with A-111 uninsulated contact pins that allow penetration of 0.44in (11.18mm)
  • Capable of accepting 496 insulated pins (sold separately), allowing penetration of 1.06in (26.92mm)