Razorback XSPOT, Spot Extractor Heated Inc Hose & Tools

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Razorback XSPOT... Innovative, powerful, clever... An Excellent Tool for the Spotting Pro!

Innovative, powerful, clever. It’s what we hear about our 3-gallon spotter.

Designed with simplicity and durability in mind and performance only found on large extraction equipment. 94°C stainless steel in-line heater and 55psi solution pumps leave this spotter clearly in a category of its own. Now add the industry’s first “Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold” and a new definition of clever is an understatement.

Razorback’s use of premium components includes sealed marine-grade bearings, epoxy-coated vacuum fans, pumps with chemically resistant Viton seals, and stainless steel latches. The list goes on and on. To put it simply, each component must excel in its function or we won’t use it. Razorback is setting a new standard in design excellence.

  • Model: 3G-0055
  • Capacity / Recovery: 11ltrs / 9.9ltrs 
  • Vacuum: Super 82” lift / 97cfm / 4amp
  • Pump: 55psi / .5amp FloJet UL Viton seals
  • Power cord: UL 20ft integrated strain relief
  • Hose: included 1-1/4” x 2.44 meters
  • Hand Tool: including stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic head detailer
  • Weight kg / Shipping kg: 12.25kg / 14kg
  • Dimension / Shipping: 48cm H x 53cm L x 23cm 
  • Heater: Stainless steel 94°C / 3.5amp

Some minor details of the diagram above may vary from the model you receive please talk to a sales consultant on 1800 68 68 69 for any specific details.