Cimex Big Boy 10inch Wheel Upgrade Kit

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Big Boy Wheel Kit

10” Wheel Upgrade For All Cimex Machines

10 inch Semi-Pneumatic soft rubber wheel kit with Stainless Steel axle.

Replace the stock Cimex 7-inch wheels that came with your Cimex machine with the New Big Boy Wheel Kit upgrade! These 10” semi pneumatic wheels have sealed ball bearings that roll smoothly on all surfaces. And the pliable semi-pneumatic tires are made with non-marking rubber.>/p?

It’s a phenomenal upgrade for the best carpet cleaning machine on the market. Take your Cimex carpet scrubber to the next lever with Big Boy Wheels.

This upgrade is a game-changer for the Cimex!

Big Boy Wheel Kit Benefits:

  • Rolls on the carpet and on floors with less effort.
  • Machine rolls over curbs, steps, and bumps more easily.
  • Makes it easier to transport the Cimex to and from the job site.

Big Boy Wheel Kit Includes:

  • A stainless steel (upgraded the standard zinc plated axle)
  • A new T-Piece, which may be required since the old axle corrode
  • 10-inch semi-pneumatic wheels with sealed bearings