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Bridgepoint Dye-Loc 3.8Ltr

Bridgepoint Dye-Loc is a water-based fixing agent for direct and reactive dyes.

Bridgepoint Dye-Loc significantly improves both wash fastness and crock fastness of dyed cellulosic and protein fabrics and their blends.

It actually locks fugitive dye-stuff at the molecular level without affecting the light fastness of the dye. Tests show that after one treatment with Dye-Loc, dye-stuff will not easily migrate at future cleanings. Dye-Loc also provides an anti-static quality to the treated textile.


Procedure for Cleaning Oriental Rugs that may bleed. 

  • Test rug for colorfastness. Pretest procedure below on small section of rug before proceeding. 
  • If you think rug may bleed, add 30ml Dye-Loc per litre of warm water.
  • Apply with professional sprayer.
  • Prespray rug with Fabric Prespray diluted 1 to 8 with warm water.
  • Rinse and extract with up to 30ml Dye-Loc per litre in your rinse water.

Test textile (fabric) for colorfastness.

  • If bleeding is not instantaneous, prespray with Bridgepoint Fabric Prespray, agitate, then add 30ml Dye-Loc per litre warm/hot water and extract through machine as normal. Quick dry.
  • If bleeding is instantaneous, prespray fabric with Dye-Loc (30ml Dye-Loc per litre warm/hot water). Dry foam application with Bridgepoint Fabric Shampoo, then agitate with natural sponge. Extract with Dye-Loc as described above.    

Dilution Ratios: 30ml/Ltr     RTU pH: 7.5     Contains: 3.78Lts