Actichem Spotting Kit

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The Ultimate Spotting Kit

The Contractors Choice
Actichem have released the long awaited Ultimate Spotting Kit. The spotting kit comes packaged in a quality lockable case. 

The kit includes the following:
• 500ml Spotaway U
• 500ml Actichem CTR
• 500ml Brownaway
• 500ml Citrus Gel
• 500ml Rust Remover
• 500ml Actichem VDS
• 500ml Actichem POG
• 500ml Conquer
• 500ml Protein Spotter
• 500ml Orange Solvent
• 500mL Pet & Flood
• 1kg Oxyboost
• Premium Towel (X2)
• Gum Getter
• Tamping Brush
• Trigger Sprayers (X2)
• pH Test Strips (100 Pack)
• Spotting chart