Actichem Fire Fix 5ltr

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Actichem Fire Fix is a new technology, solvent-free restoration cleaner for the removal of ingrained soils, carbon, soot, fire residues, and rubber on hard and semi-porous surfaces. Excellent cleaner for fire restoration and safety flooring. A highly concentrated multi-surface, heavy-duty industrial cleaner for use on floors, walls, carpets, hard surfaces, porous surfaces, and many other professional and disaster restoration applications. Fire fix contains a unique non-caustic, a solvent-free formula designed to penetrate and lift carbon, soot, smoke, grease, rubber, and deeply ingrained soils.

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration – Highly concentrated, powerful cleaner for fire and smoke damage restoration.
  • Heavy Soiling – removes heavy soils (Oil, soot, smoke deposits, particulate, and carbon soiling).
  • Penetrating Action – Penetrating action lifts and suspends soils from smooth and porous surfaces.
  • Charged Soils – Very effective on charged soils (Filtration soiling, ventilation dust, and the cleaning of olefin carpets).
  • Low VOC – Water-based low VOC formula, no solvents, no caustics.
  • Free Rinsing – Specially designed to rinse freely with clear water.
Colour Yellow
pH 9.9 – 10.4
Fragrance Lemon
Dilution 1:20 – 1:100
Safety Irritant
Pack Size: 5L



Fire Fix is ideal to use on all carpeting and hard surfaces which have been affected by smoke damage, soot, and heavy soiling. Do not use on water-sensitive fabrics, unsealed timber, aluminum, or other delicate surfaces.

Always pre-test surface in an inconspicuous area before proceeding.
Due to the high concentration of Fire Fix, it will separate in the container. Shake well before using.

Normal soil: Dilute 10 to 20ml Fire Fix per litre of warm water (1:100 to1:50).

Heavy soil and restoration: Dilute 50ml per litre of warm water (1:20).

Ceiling cleaning: Add  50ml Oxyboost per 5 litres of Fire Fix solution.

(Observe cautions below)

Pressure washing: Mix 1 part Fire Fix with 4 parts water and meter at the desired setting.

Apply by sprayer, sponge, or floor machine.
Allow 10 to 15 minutes contact time For heavy soil, scrub if needed, then rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.
Carpets and fabrics should be extraction rinsed with PowerClean CleanRinse.
For ceilings, apply Fire Fix/Oxyboost solution with specialised spray equipment and observe all safety precautions.
Wear suitable personal protective equipment and cover all sensitive furnishings.

Safety Data Sheet