Actichem Fabric Shield SV 5L

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Fabric Shield SV is an advanced solvent-based fluorochemical polymer providing premium protection against spills and stains. It has been professionally formulated to create a durable, highly repellent property to each fibre which holds spills and stains at the surface and enables them to be removed before causing permanent staining.


  • Advanced Protection – Modern flourochemical polymer technology provides premium protection against water-based stains, oil based stains and general grime. 
  • Ideal for Dry Clean-only Fabrics – Fabric Shield SV is the product of choice for dryclean only fabrics. 
  • Versatile – Protects against food & beverage spills and hair & body oils. 
  • Makes Cleaning Easier – Makes routine upholstery cleaning by wet extraction significantly more successful as the soiling is released quicker and easier. 
  • Wide Usage – Safe for use on all water cleanable fabric, drapes, tablecloths and upholstery.

Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.
Ensure that the fabric is clean and free of chemical residue.
Can be applied to dry or damp fabric.

Coverage: Approximately 400ml per 5 to 7 seater lounge or 15m2


  1. Ready to use - no mixing required. 
  2. Spray Fabric Shield SV from 25 to 30cm away from the upholstery using smooth back-and-forth motion overlapping slightly. Fabric should be wetted. Do not over apply.
  3. Brush with a soft brush to spread protector evenly. 
  4. Align fabric and speed dry.

Sprayer Recommendation: 

Use a low-pressure sprayer with a 65015 jet up to 60psi. Dedicate sprayer to Fabric Shield SV.

Safety Data Sheet