Actichem Deostor Spray 5ltr

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Deostor Spray is an enzyme based odour control product for aerial spray.

Deostor Spray is powered by the innovative Elimotech chemistry for rapid neutralization of mal-odours both airborne and on surfaces. This is enhanced with proven chemistry for destroying airborne viruses and microorganisms. Elimotech reacts and neutralizes mal-odours at a micro-molecular level enabling quick and permanent elimination of trapped, embedded and air-borne odours.

Even a thorough disinfection and wash down of an area will not remove all odour molecules. Micro mal-odour molecules exist in the air, trapped in fabrics carpets and porous materials.

Colour: Mauve
pH: 7.5
Fragrance: Fresh floral
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous


Safety Data Sheet