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WHAT IS KLEENSHIELD? KleenShield is a revolutionary, breakthrough product which when added to a presprays and rinses enables you to clean and impart acid-dye stain resistance to nylon or wool carpet in one easy step. It will even give the prespray an effective cleaning boost.

HOW EXACTLY DOES IT WORK? It is loaded with advanced acid-dye blockers (colorless dye). These acid-dye blockers have got a very high affinity for nylon and wool. (meaning they’ve got a natural attraction to those fibers). Immediately upon application, the colorless dye begins filling empty or damaged dye sites on each fiber. This revitalizes lost stain resistance brought on by everyday wear or previous cleanings.

WHICH CLEANING METHODS CAN IT BE USED WITH? When given 10 to 15 minutes dwell time, the acid-dye blockers will have already filled the empty or damaged dye sites on each fiber. Using prespray and rinses with a pH of less than 10 will not remove the acid-dye blockers when you clean. Therefore you can utilize either Hot Water Extraction or one of the low moisture cleaning methods such as pad or bonnet cleaning. With any one of these methods, you’ll get great cleaning, faster dry times and revitalization/enhancement of Stain Resistance in nylon carpet.

HOW ABOUT WOOL? On wool, it is best to keep the pH of your cleaning solution to 8.5 or less... The pH of Kleenshield is about 5.0, so when adding it to Encap, Prespray or Rinse Chems it will be fine. However, all dyes in wool aren’t created equal, so as a precaution, each wool carpet should be pretested for colorfastness.


  • It saves you money on chemicals. (It costs cents per square meter to enhance and restore the stain resistance on lightly solid nylon carpet)
  • It saves you time and labor costs. (Using only one step instead of two means less time and ZERO additional work for technicians)
  • It’s more affordable for more of your customers. (More affordable means more sales and more profit for you)
  • It’s convenient for your customers. (There is ZERO additional dry time so your customers can use their carpets much sooner than traditional protection methods)
  • As a BONUS, your prespray will receive a BOOST in cleaning power after adding Kleenshield


  1. Pretest the carpet for colorfastness before applying this or any other product.
  2. Shake well, then add to your prespray, at 220ml per liter on lightly soiled carpet or 440ml per liter on heavily soiled nylon or wool.
  3. For best results, allow 10 - 15 minutes dwell time then clean as usual using your normal cleaning method... KleenShield works with both Hot Water Extraction and low moisture systems. When using Hot Water Extraction, either use plain water or acid rinse.