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Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit

A compact kit for testing moisture in concrete per AS 1884 - 2012 & ASTM F2659 & ASTM F2170 featuring the Tramex CMEX II moisture meter and Tramex Hygro-i ® relative humidity probes.

The Tramex heavy-duty wood pin-probe measures the moisture content of wood. The Water Damage Restoration EZ Kit comes in a Tramex Easy-travel case.

Features of the CMEX II

  • CMEX II Non-destructive, digital concrete moisture meter.
  • Hygro-i ® RH probe and connector cable with BS 8201 & ASTM F2170 tools.
  • HH14TP30 Heavy-duty pin-type probe for wood.
  • 6 Hole liners to perform concrete floor RH testing to BS 8201 & ASTM F2170.
  • Easy-travel case.