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A patent-pending invention from 30-year rug & carpet cleaning veteran, Mike Zimmerman, the Evacuator allows for the most thorough cleaning of delicate oriental rugs.

  • Durable materials
  • Uses your existing extraction equipment
  • Made by a rug cleaner, for rug cleaners
  • 110cm X 155cm
  • Can use a portable and vac booster for recovery.

Benefits of the Evacuator 

  • Gravity/Vacuum allows flushing and extracting without a pit
  • Also works great for extracting pit-washed rugs, also!
  • Quick and easy urine, soil, and shampoo flushing
  • Uses at least 50% less water than pit washing
  • Dyes vertically flushed with less dye migration
  • Automated fringe extraction
  • Dry extracts as good and usually better than wand or hand tool
  • Frees up your time while the table extracts for you
  • The safest washing for fragile, high-end rugs 

Features List

  • Built-in roller bar system for easier positioning of rugs and transporting the table.
  • Separate fringe hole chamber for flushing and extracting
  • Table stabilizers to connect two tables
  • Portable for easy moving and storage
  • Front handles