46cm Dia. / 13cm W (Not including knob and bracket)


Powder Coated Black

A proprietary, super-durable coating that's even more durable than most powder- coat finishes

Comfort Grip Swivel Knob

Not a metal "peg" like most other solution reels, these knobs are super- ergonomic.

"Hidden Swivel" Location

Minimizes effective "footprint" of the reel, by housing all related plumbing within the boundary of the reel itself. Protects plumbing related to live reels. Keeps plumbing out of the way of the immediate area, so that it's not a hazard to nearby cargo and access.

Designed for a specific, "bulletproof" live swivel.

Rated at 3,000 PSI / 300 deg. F, it has 1/2" pipe thread diameter for maximum flow. Suitable for water supply and pressure delivery.

Shaft Collar Axle Lock

Provides attractive "strip- proof" 3/4" thread depth for the set screw to lock the reel onto the axle.