FibrePro is an economical high performance, low-risk, low pH prespray, spotter, and extraction fluid that can be used on carpet and wet cleanable upholstery.

FibrePro is a low foaming and free rinsing pre-spray that has the performance of products with significantly higher pH. This product has absolutely no concerning chemistry or additives to mention on the MSDS so you can be assured that it is a very safe product to use for both you and your clients.

This is an advanced formulation for use on all types of carpets and wet cleanable upholstery. FibrePro has a very pleasant lemon/ citrus fragrance that your clients will appreciate well after the clean has been completed. FibrePro has very similar cleaning properties to our Powerclean Performance Plus pre-spray however FibrePro will provide slightly better cleaning results at a much lower cost in use.

Standard dilution for medium to heavily soiled carpets is 1:32 however good results can still be achieved at dilutions of 1:40 (160ml per 5 litre pump sprayer or 1 litre per 4.5L injection sprayer). For light soiling, FibrePro can be diluted at up to 1:65 which provides extremely cost-effective cleaning results. 20 litre drum size.