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CUB= Compact, Ultralite, Badger

The smallest RugBadger is designed to help carpet cleaners that have the dream to start a rug cleaning profit center in their home garage or basement and care about doing a better job then their competition.

The RugBadger "Cub" will still vibrate the ground-in abrasive damaging soils from your clients rugs with ease. This machine has a very attractive price point, but is still engineered for years of trouble free service.

With 15 single ended straps and a continuous duty heavy duty 1/2 Hp motor you will love the way it helps you to start building your rug care profit center!

Features RugBadger Pro RugBadger EL RugBadger RugCub
Harmonic Vibrations Over 47,000/min 20,000+/min 15,000+/min
Vibro-straps 25 double ended straps 25 single ended  15 single ended
Motor Full 1 HP - High Torque 3/4 HP  1/2 HP Continuous
Vacuum Port Yes No No
Warranty 5 Full Years
Virtually unlimited*
  2year limited 2 year limited

Sand and dirt disappear. Dust and allergens become history.

And since a RugBadger can slash the cleaning time of an area rug by 50% or more, your profits will skyrocket.

Hi, I’m Dusty Roberts and I’ve spent my entire adult life in the carpet cleaning industry.

During the last decade, I’ve focused exclusively on the most lucrative niche in our industry: area rug cleaning. But the biggest, most embarrassing problem I always faced with loose rugs was finding a way to remove the heavy damaging sediments in them.

You see, no matter what area rug cleaning equipment or method I tried (vacuum, truck mount, full pit wash, etc.), it always failed to remove the dry, heavy, damaging sediments from the bottom of the area rugs.

What that meant was if I ever dropped a "cleaned" rug on the floor, dirt and grit would fly out the ends and create a little cloud of debris. I learned very quickly never to drop or unroll a rug in front of a customer, because they would see the all the debris jump out and question whether I actually cleaned their rug.

Talk about embarrassing.

The Six Second Myth Killer

The biggest myth in this industry is that many people think that their area rug cleaning equipment or system actually removes all of the dirt from a rug.

That just isn't true and you can prove it to yourself by taking the "Six Second Challenge".

Take any rug you've just cleaned & dried and turn it upside on the floor Run a beater bar vacuum for 6 seconds on a small area over the back of the rug Lift the rug up and if you see any dirt on the floor, your system is leaving dirt behind I've performed the six second challenge on rugs cleaned with every type of cleaning system imaginable and found they all have left behind the heavy, gritty sediments that damage the rug fibers and shorten the life of a rug.

Introducing The RugBadger

Since there was no area rug cleaning machine on the market to handle this problem, I was determined to invent the solution myself. The result has become known worldwide as The RugBadger (Bug, Allergen, Dirt & Grit Extractor for Rug renovating).

The RugBadger is a powerful, portable machine designed to deliver 40,000+ penetrating harmonic vibrations/min deep into the back of a rug.

It shakes loose any dry, heavy, damaging soil & sediments trapped both in the foundation and in between the rug fibers themselves.

Watch the RugBadger in action below...

The Explosively Profitable Side Effect Your RugBadger Creates

All those harmonic vibrations created a completely unexpected side effect: the final cleaning stage actually became quick and easy.

Since virtually all the dirt was removed from the rug while it was still dry, there was nothing left to do except a quick surface clean and to tend to any trouble spots.

Without any dirt left in the rug, you don't have to worry about anything turning to mud and wicking back on you later on when you introduce moisture to clean it.

That means the amount of time spent cleaning a rug is reduced by as much as 50% (sometimes more) which automatically boost your profits.

How The RugBadger Gives You A Strategic Advantage Over Your Competitors There's a 99.99% chance that any of your competition who clean area rugs are not dusting the rug at all. That means just by owning a RugBadger you'll have a strategic advantage over them because you can show clients the difference you can provide.

Here's proof of what I mean. Watch this video and see how much dirt one of my competitors left behind in an area rug....

Over-Built To Last A Lifetime

Yes, the RugBadger Pro is totally over-built and for good reason. Too many things you buy these days breakdown too soon or have a limited lifespan. That costs you time and money. But a RugBadger Pro is designed to last a lifetime.

It’ll take anything you can throw at it and still keep running like the first day you got it. From it’s industry leading 5 year warranty to it’s over-built specifications, the RugBadger Pro is the one piece of area rug cleaning equipment you’ll own that’ll save you time and always make you money!

Use a RugBadger Anywhere - Even in a Garage It doesn’t matter if you are an owner/operator of a single truck or a company with a fleet of vans.

The RugBadger will make cleaning area rugs extremely profitable for a one person operation all the way to large carpet cleaning operations.

Since the RugBadger is totally portable, you only need a small space to work with it. You can remove heavy abrasive dirt from area rugs in a warehouse facility, a garage, your backyard or outside at a client’s jobsite.

With a RugBadger on your team, you'll dramatically increase profits in your area rug care business because...

  • It saves you enormous amounts of time
  • It's easy to use and mercilessly efficient
  • It's robust and will last for decades
  • You can use it in a space as small as your garage
  • It builds your confidence in how well you can clean area rugs
  • You can DEMONSTRATE to clients why you're superior to your competitors

All RugBadgers come with an industry leading 2 or 5 year warranty. These area rug cleaning machines are so robust that I stand behind each unit with a FIVE YEAR industry leading warranty and you'll see exactly why the RugBadger is the #1 choice worldwide of new and seasoned area rug cleaners alike.

The RugBadger 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee

I know how important it is to feel you've made a right decision - especially when buying new equipment. The last thing you want is to do is feel like you made a mistake and then be stuck with area rug cleaning equipment you can't use or even want.

So that's why has a 100% "Oops!" Satisfaction Guarantee.

You have to feel 100% confident with your purchase. If for any reason you're not happy with your RugBadger, just give me a call. The whole package is fully returnable, refundable & exchangeable within 30 days from the moment you accept delivery.

So, go ahead, test everything out.

Run the RugBadger over the back of area rugs. Watch how pounds of heavy, gritty dirt fall effortlessly out of a rug making your final cleaning steps easier and quicker than ever before.

Or even better, run your RugBadger over the back of a rug one of your competitors cleaned and see if your confidence doesn't shoot up after watching dirt spill out of it.

Then if at 30 days you're still not convinced your RugBadger makes cleaning area rugs faster, easier and more profitable, call me right away and I'll arrange to to have everything picked up and your money completely refunded.

What could be more fair than that?

Helping you get more out of rugs,

Stephen "Dusty" Roberts



Brand Rugbadger
Shipping Weight 55.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.500m
Shipping Height 0.500m
Shipping Length 1.200m
Shipping Cubic 0.300000m3