Make Your RugBadger 3 Times More Efficient With A RugRack Grid

The RugRack Grid is the perfect companion to the RugBadger by solving two of the industry's biggest problems:

  • Keeping the newly extracted dirt away from the rug fibers
  • Trapping the dust, dirt & sediments and keeping it from reaching out the air you breathe in your workspace
  • The RugRack Grid is a flexible rust resistant galvanized steel grid on top of which you place your Area Rug.

Once your Area Rug is laying upside down on the RugRack, Grid the rug fibers are able to hang freely away from the floor. 

As you roll the RugBadger over the back of your rug, the all the bugs, allergens, dirt and grit are shaken loose from the rug and fall easily on the floor, away from your rug.

Here you can see all the dirt that was trapped in each cell. All you need to do is roll the RugRack out of the way and sweep the floor. With a RugBadger and a RugRack Grid, cleaning any area rug is now quick and easy!


The RugRack gives you several advantages:

  • Each RugRack Grid "Cell" traps the dirt shaken loose from the Area Rug and keeps it on the floor so it doesn't fill the air of your workspace.
  • The RugRack Grid helps grip the Area Rug to keep it from sliding around as you use the RugBadger over it.
  • With a RugRack Grid keeping the rug fibers suspended ABOVE the floor, you increase the efficiency of the RugBadger by at least 3 times than if you laid your rug directly on to the floor.




Brand Rugbadger
Shipping Weight 50.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 2.000m
Shipping Cubic 0.080000m3