Key features

Keep track of your power outages from anywhere. No battery, No SIM card - Beautifully simple!


Protect yourself and others around you.

  • Brand Protection
    • PWRON will protect your business from possible liability due to extended drying times associated with customers turning off your drying equipment.
  • Asset Protection
    • Protect your valuable assets, Use as a deterrent for your equipment going missing. Ensure your equipment stays onsite and stays turned on. SMS alert will notify you if the equipment is turned off.
  • Duty of Care
    • PWRON will you from possible liability due to potential mould problems associated with customers turning off your drying equipment.

how it works

PWRON Power Outage Alert System uses your home or business wi-fi connection to omit a “pulse” via a smart plug that sits between your desired appliance and a wall socket

Plug into power

While powered, the PWRON smart device speaks to our server – letting us know that everything is okay


Get notified

Alert as many recipients as you need – via SMS credits or unlimited emails

24/7 Monitoring

When a power outage occurs, our interface responds – and will also let you know when your power is back on

Powerful data

Always be protected: Know exactly when your power is off, react and have the data to back yourself. Perfect for insurance – our analytics bar has got you covered.






PWRON uses IoT technology and can “plug in between” any appliance that requires a watchful eye – especially handy for use with fridges, freezers, fish tanks, servers, pool pumps and anything else you can think of that NEEDS constant power.

Customizable interface

The fully customizable interface allows a home or business owner to set up as many recipients as needed, and you can choose SMS or email alerts to get the job done – you will even receive a notification when the power supply is back and working!

Beautifully simple

Not only is this a powerful solution to an everyday problem, PWRON requires no battery back up, no SIM cards, no app download and no re-setting to allow for an easy customer experience – PWRON only requires a working wi-fi connection to speak with the PWRON server – where we do the rest!