PowerClean Urine Decon Ultra 20Ltr

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Urine Decon Ultra was developed to provide the professional cleaner with one product which would remove the vast majority of urine stains in addition to eliminating the associated mal-odours.  The chemistry employed to achieve this is far more sophisticated than your average urine stain remover or deodoriser.

The reason for this?  We needed a product which would provide dependable, reliable consistent results every time. The professionalism of many carpet cleaners is judged by their ability to remove stains and odours like these. Urine Decon Ultra was developed to give you the assurance you need.

To effectively fix urine problems firstly we need to eliminate the mal-odour. The mal-odour is caused by the odour causing germs which are resident in the urine crystals, attached to the carpet fibres, and absorbed into the carpet backing and floor substrate. Urine Decon Ultra employs a combination of polymeric and organic acids which rapidly dissolve these crystals, thus removing the home for most of the odour causing germs.   The combination of three specialist biocidal agents is then able to entirely destroy the bacteria remaining in the carpet and subfloor. This action removes all of the odour source and the bacterial contaminants such as E.Coli.

Urine Decon Ultra also eliminates air-borne mal-odours which have already been emitted into the atmosphere with ingenious odour absorbing chemistry and leaves behind a fresh, subtle, lemon scent.

Once the odour is eliminated Urine Decon Ultra works to remove discolouration and staining. Urine Decon Ultra demonstrates a remarkably high success rate of stain and discolouration removal, thanks to the specially chosen polymeric acids and a textile-specific de-staining additive. Some older, stubborn stains may require the use of OxySpot.

The final genius of this formulation ensures that these three urine decontamination activities achieve their desired outcomes. The dynamic wetting and penetration feature. This innovative chemistry, rapidly transports the effectiveness of this three-pronged technology deep into the carpet fibre, carpet backing and sub-floor to ensure that the treatment reaches every area that the urine has spread it’s contaminating substance.

Colour Clear yellow liquid
pH 1.0 - 2.0
Fragrance Fresh lemon
Dilution RTU to 1:4
Safety Non-Hazardous
Pack Size 500ml, 5Lt, 20Lt



  • Innovative Chemistry – Urine Decon Ultra is an innovative formulation which provides total urine decontamination encompassing stain, odour and bacteria removal.
  • Stain Removal – Urine Decon Ultra employs a carefully selected blend of low pH salts to neutralize the urine crystals and remove the stain from the fibre.
  • Decontamination – Urine Decon Ultra contains a blend of biocides which have been carefully selected to provide total elimination of bacteria such as E-Coli found in urine deposits. 
  • Dynamic Penetration Feature – The inclusion of super wetting and penetrating agents ensure that Urine Decon Ultra quickly and effectively wets out the fibres, carpet backing and even the substrate below to ensure total elimination of all areas contaminated by the urine. 
  • Fibre Safe – Urine Decon Ultra is safe for use on all-natural and synthetic fibres, however, fine fabrics must be pre-tested for colour stability before use.
  • User-Friendly – pleasant fresh lemon scent, low odour formula – pleasant to use.


Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals.

1. Remove by steam extraction as much of the urine spill as possible, doing extra dry vacuum strokes.
2. Use Urine Decon Ultra undiluted for severe contamination or dilute up to 1:4 for lesser affected areas.
3. Spray apply this solution onto the fibre or fabric until it is wetted out.
4. Agitate solution using a carpet rake or upholstery cleaning brush.
5. Allow 10 – 20 minutes of reaction time.
6. Rinse extract using Powerclean’s Clean Rinse.
7. Allow to dry. Assist drying by increasing ventilation.

Note: Some stubborn urine stains may require treatment using PowerClean’s Oxy-Spot.