PowerClean TileClenz 20Ltr

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TileClenz has cutting-edge technology to simplify and boost the effectiveness of your tile and hard surface cleaning operation. Formulated with new nano surfactant chemistry for ultimate penetration and soil release, it provides the professional cleaner with a mildly alkaline cleaning solution that gives dependable results every time.

Colour Pink Red Liquid
pH 12.00
Safety Irritant
Pack Size 5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt



  • Professional Choice – if it’s grime you’re removing, TileClenz will do it with ease; it’s safe to use on all tile, stone, concrete, and grout surfaces. 
  • Smart Cleaning Power – TileClenz employs smart cleaning technology – not brute force – to achieve its outstanding cleaning performance on a wide range of oily soils, grease, fats, and general grime build-ups. Conveniently Versatile – its ability to penetrate even tough grime build-ups, its outstanding free rinsing features, and its ability to tackle a wide range of differing soil types on varying substrates make it the product of choice for professional cleaners who need to simplify inventory and increase productivity. 
  • Safety First – TileClenz is an alkaline detergent but does not contain caustic, making it substantially safer in use and transport. 




  • Safe and ideal for use on all man-made tiles, natural stone products, clay products, concrete, and grout. Avoid contact with non-ferrous metals, plated metals, painted surfaces, and flooring which is coated with an acrylic polymer or wax. 
  • Ideal for use anywhere there are dirty tiles, concrete, stone, or resilient flooring. Especially good in kitchens, dining areas, malls, and large commercial areas. Excellent for the maintenance cleaning of commercial and public areas.



Always pretest the cleaning solution on the surface to be cleaned to check for any substrate sensitivity to chemicals. Observe all safety directions and read the MSDS before use. 

Heavy-Duty Use: 

  1. Mix 1 part TileClenz with 4 to 9 parts water. (Hot water will enhance the chemical action). 
  2. Apply the solution with a clean mop & bucket, auto scrubber, or rotary scrubber solution tank. Apply to a limited area at a time. Do not allow the solution to dry. 
  3. Scrub thoroughly with an applicable nylon scouring floor pad or brush. 
  4. Allow 10 to 30 minutes of dwell time. Re-agitate areas of stubborn soiling. 
  5. Extract/Pick up a resultant slurry with professional tile extraction equipment and rinse thoroughly with clear water. 


  1. Mix 1 part TileClenz with 50 to 100 parts water. 
  2. Follow standard cleaning techniques. No clear water rinse is needed when using at 1:100. 

Ideal for use through auto scrubbers and similar cleaning equipment. 

Not classified as dangerous according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code for transport.

Hazardous (irritant) according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia. 

Observe all safety recommendations made on the product label and MSDS.