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Powerpac is an ultra concentrated carpet prespray detergent with phenomenal emulsification action which is boosted with proprietary wetting technology and specific stain removal chemistry. The result is a prespray which surpasses every other prespray for soil and stain removal, carpet care and value in use. Not to mention the fresh, appealing fragrance.

 Colour Light Blue
pH 9.5 to 9.9 RTU
Dilution 1:32 to 1:64
Safety Non-Hazardous
Pack Size 5ltr


  • Super concentrate – Powerpac is an ultra concentrate which gives the user remarkable value in use.
  • A Versatile Option – Powerpac gives the professional carpet cleaner one solution for cleaning heavy or lightly soiled carpets in applications varying from family homes to large government schools to thrashed out rentals.
  • High performance emulsifiers – Powerpac provides the ultimate in soil suspension through a unique blend of emulsifiers which lift the soil and suspend it in solution to make for easy and effective extraction.
  • Free rinsing, minimum residue – superior technology incorporated in powerpac ensures that the carpet does not re-soil quickly. This is achieved by leaving zero residues of chemical in the carpet.


Powerpac is ideal for use wherever there are dirty, grimy carpets. It provides high quality cleaning in virtually all domestic, commercial and institutional applications.


Dilution: Pump-up Sprayer
Add 15 - 30ml per litre of water (1:32 – 1:64) depending on soil conditions.

Hydroforce High Pressure Model
1:9 tip (Yellow): Add 750ml to 1.4Lt into 5Lt Hydroforce container and fill with water.
1:32 tip (Brown): Dilute 1:1 with water or add directly into 5Lt Hydroforce container.


  1. 1. Always prepare the carpet to be cleaned by thoroughly vacuuming the area.
  2. 2. Prespray Powerpac solution onto the carpet. Do not allow to dry.
  3. 3. Agitate and allow 5 to 10 minutes dwell time.
  4. 4. Extract rinse using an acid rinse or extraction detergent.
  5. 5. Assist drying with air movers or similar if atmospheric conditions are humid.