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De-Foam is a professional anti-foaming powder which prevents foam from forming in wands and hoses. It's innovative powder form makes it easy to use and highly effective.

Colour White powder
pH N/A
Safety Non-Hazardous
Pack Size 5kg, 20kg



  • High Performance - De-Foam provides high performance foam collapse for operator peace-of-mind 
  • Easy to Use - Simply sprinkle or "chicken feed" De-Foam on the carpet ahead of extraction cleaning. Any foam is immediately eliminated in the wand, vacuum pipes and waste tank. 
  • Compatible - Will not affect pH or alter cleaning performance. 
  • Protects Machine Components - Prevents foam from entering and damaging vacuum motors and blowers. 
  • Enhances Vacuum Performance - Foam build-up is a common cause of poor suction performance. Using De-Foam eliminates this problem at the source.



    1. Sparingly sprinkle or "chicken feed" De-Foam over the entire carpet immediately prior to the extraction step.
    2. Extract immediately after applying the De-Foam.

    NOTE: If the carpet requires spotting or a prespray treatment, apply De-Foam after this treatment.