Decon Ultra is a professional odour neutraliser employing a synergistic combination of two powerful biocides and biocidal potentiators chemistry to effectively destroy a wide range of micro-organisms, viruses, odour causing bacteria and mould. Decon Ultra is further enhanced with a dynamic wetting agent which enables the biocide to penetrate substantially further into fabrics and porous substrates than traditional disinfectants.

Colour Water white
pH 7.5
Fragrance None
Dilution 1:25
Safety Irritant
Pack Size 5Lt, 20Lt


Sophisticated Anti-microbial Blend – Decon Ultra employs a potentiated blend of two powerful bactericides each with it’s own potentiating chemistry. This provides a significantly wider scope of kill which includes –

     gram-postive bacteria (eg Bacillus Subtillus, Staphylococcus Aureus) 
     gram-negative bacteria (eg Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas aeroginosa) 
     Moulds and Yeasts (eg Aspergillus Niger) 
     Viruses (eg Newcastle Disease Virus)


  • Penetration – To provide ultimate sanitization of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has been combined with super-wetting technology. This innovative chemistry enables the biocide to penetrate dramatically faster and deeper into the inner-structure of the fibre or porous substrate. 
  • Eliminates odours– Decon Ultra eliminates odours at their source by powerful anti-microbial action against odour causing germs.
  • Tough Odours– will combat tough flood and fire odours and malodours caused by urine, faeces, sewage, vomit and other organic odours.
  • Provides a Safe Working Environment– ideal for removing or minimizing dangerous micro-organisms ahead of continuing with restoration clean-ups involving human fluids, sewage and mould.
  • Hard surfaces– also ideal for use on hard surfaces.


Decon Ultra is ideal for use on all wool and synthetic fabrics and carpeting except for stain resistant nylon. Decon Ultra will possibly remove some or all of the stain resistant treatment. However stain resistant carpets severely soiled by organic contaminants will already have a high proportion of the stain resistant treatment removed.

Decon Ultra is highly effective on hard surfaces including concrete, plasterboard, wood, tiles and grout.



•    Always pre-test in an inconspicuous location for substrate sensitivity to chemicals. 
•    Note comments above regarding stain resistant carpets.

1.    Mix 40ml Decon Ultra per litre of water. 
2.    Apply directly onto the odour source. 
3.    Allow 10 minutes reaction time before further cleaning or rinsing.

Application Notes:

• Decon Ultra can be applied before cleaning or/and after cleaning has removed the bulk of the odour source. 
• When used after cleaning do not rinse with water but simply vacuum away excess moisture. 
• For large areas a 1:100 solution can be made and used as a light post spray and raked into the carpet. 
• Always ensure that the Decon Ultra makes physical contact with the odour source.

NOTE:  Do not mix Decon Ultra with any other cleaning solution.