Portable Startup Package Deal 500psi Carpet & Upholstery

Regular price $6,000.00

Are you looking for an all-included package to get your carpet cleaning business going?

Or are you looking for an additional machine for your business?

The Razorback 500psi Portable Carpet Starter Package is a great buy at just under $6k as you get the machine, accessories, and chemicals you need to get going.

The Razorback TractX 12-gallon 500 psi Extractor with Instant Heat provides the pressure and vacuum strength for professional carpet cleaning. 

The package also includes: 

  • 1x Razorback Wand and 7.5m solution and vacuum hose set
  • 1x GreenGlides 12 Inch Slot Wand Glide
  • 1x PMF Upholstery Tool with 3.5inch External Jet with 400psi Plastic Head
  • 1x HydroForce Plus Injection Sprayer
  • 1x Grandi Brush with Handle
  • 1x Carpet Cleaning Starter Chemical Kit includes: 1x HotHot UHT Pre-Spray (4 litre), 1x e-Rinse EFR Emulsifying Fibre Rinse (4 litre) and 1x Big Blue Deo Deodoriser (4 litre)
  • 1x Horsehair Brush (Hand-fit) 
  • 1x Caution Hoses Wet Carpet Sign