Poly Hanger #4

  • Hang sheeting directly from acoustical ceilings, pipes, etc.
  • Fast installation, reusable
  • 100 per box
  • No damage from tape or glue
  • No falling poly sheets

Poly-Hangers save time and labor by attaching in just a few seconds, helping to quickly install containment areas, drying chambers, or dust protection barriers at your work site. 

They also help to eliminate damage and clean-up efforts caused by tape and glue adhesives, making the work you do safer and more effective.

Poly-Hanger #4 supports poly-sheeting from many building components by attaching with its 10” releasable cable tie, helping keep the sheeting in place for the entirety of the job and preventing breached containments.

Poly-Hangers can also be reused on future jobs.


  • Containment for abatement
  • Dust protection barriers
  • Construction area enclosures
  • Leak diversion
  • Drying chambers

Poly-Hanger #4 Installation:

  • Hanger #4 comes with a 10” releasable cable tie so it can be fastened to joints, pipes, cables, etc.
  • The hanger has a sharp, serrated edge so it can easily be wedged behind objects and contains a flat base flange which can be screwed or nailed to surfaces.