Phoenix Antimicrobial Filter for Phoenix Guardian R Air Scrubber

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Filter for Phoenix Guardian R Air Scrubber

PHOENIX Guardian R500 Antimicrobial Filter by Purafil Filtration Group

Since 2013, restoration and remediation professionals have relied on the Phoenix Guardian R500 HEPA system to provide clean and safe environments for residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

Combining features of best-in-class durability, energy efficiency, weight, stacking, and compact dimensions, the Guardian R500 is the ultimate blend of portability and performance.

The team at Phoenix has collaborated with the innovators at Purafil, the leading global provider of molecular air filtration, to develop the Guardian R500 Antimicrobial Filter, an enhanced filtration accessory designed for use exclusively with the Phoenix Guardian R500 HEPA.

In addition to HEPA performance, the Patented antimicrobial filter media destroys up to 99.49% of target viruses and bacteria (using oxidation), while removing toxic and harmful gases from the air.

Key Features of the Guardian R500 + Antimicrobial Filter

  • Don’t just capture microbials, destroy them on contact
  • Drop-in filtration solution that quickly and effectively eliminates harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air
  • Disposable replacement filter containing 2.3kg of Purafil’s patented antimicrobial dry chemical media blend
  • Also removes toxic and damaging gaseous pollutants
  • Easily attaches to, and sized specifically for the Guardian R500 HEPA System

Purafil antimicrobial chemical filtration has demonstrated a kill rate on the following microbials:

  • H1N1 virus kill rate: 99.49%
  • Staphylococcus albus kill rate: 93.78%


Guardian R500 Antimicrobial Filter Sell Sheet