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PHOENIX 250 MAX STAINLESS LGR SERIES... Beats the 200 HT at High Temperatures Beats the 200 MAX’s Efficiency

Removing over 66 liters at AHAM conditions, the 250 MAX is our newest Stainless Series LGR dehumidifier.

  • Outstanding low grain operation coupled with exceptional high-temperature performance.
  • Out performs the previous leaders at all temperatures, with no need for bypass settings or other adjustments.
  • Besting the acclaimed 200 MAX in ltrs per kilowatt-hour.

The Phoenix 250 MAX brings the latest Phoenix technology to our Restoration line. A line going back to the very first LGR (Low Grain Refrigerant) dehumidifier, the Phoenix 200 — the dehumidifier that revolutionized the restoration industry with its deeper drying power.

After the Phoenix 200, we introduced the legendary (highly efficient) 200 MAX and the 200 HT (known for excellent high-temperature operation).

Now, Phoenix has engineered high efficiency and high temperature operation into one amazingly effective drying machine: the 250 MAX. A top-level professional dehumidifier, the Phoenix 250 MAX gives you outstanding low grain operation coupled with exceptional high temperature performance.


  • The Phoenix 250 MAX LGR Dehumidifier 50Hz out performs the previous leaders at all temperatures, with no need for bypass settings or other adjustments. With the 250 MAX you never need to come back to make adjustments for changing drying conditions.


  • This is a highly efficient machine, even besting the acclaimed 200 MAX in pints per kilowatt-hour.


  • The 250 MAX has a powerful, stainless steel, professional look… Large 30 cm recessed wheels, hemmed metal edges, and chamfered corners. Its hinged lid swings open for easy filter change. Downward focused airflow directs 365 CFM of low-grain air toward the floor to help you dry.
  • The 3.7 amp 250 MAX uses electro-mechanical controls (no electronic panel) and features a beefy 32 mm thick skid plate with optimized axle position to reduce impact going down stairs. This also ensures good balance and easy maneuverability. Moving the 54 kg 250 MAX is nearly effortless.
  • Looking inside the 250 MAX, the engineering is obvious. Its efficient layout provides easy access to quality components such as our industry-leading coated evaporator coils… providing extended life even in the harshest environments. Heavy-duty long life condensate pumps are also standard.
  • The 250 MAX offers multiple ducting options for simple and easy inlet/outlet ducting.

If you are an Australian restoration professional serious about drying, you need an equally serious professional dehumidifier — Step to the next level with the new Phoenix 250 MAX.