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Mr Hard Water® Protective Sealant is a durable, easy-to-apply sealer that protects shower doors, windows, windscreens and other glass surfaces from hard water build-up.   Mr Hard Water® can be safely used on glass surfaces, mirrors, metals, tile, fibreglass, porcelain, and plastic.

 Mr Hard Water® Sealer seals and protects shower doors and windows against the build-up of soap and hard water eliminating the need for a daily squeegee.  It also protects shower door glass and windows from the etching effects of hard water stains preserving your investment.    Mr Hard Water® Sealer makes subsequent cleaning much easier because it provides a "Teflon-like" coating that prevents the adherence of stain creating substances such as hard water, soaps, and dirt.


    • Durable.
    • Easy to Use.
    • Cost Effective.  
    • Applies with a foam applicator, microfibre towel, or absorbent sponge.
    • Excellent for repelling hard water.
    • Protects glass surface from chemical etching.
    • Makes subsequent cleaning much easier because of the "Teflon-like" coating.
    • 8 oz/236 ml covers 200 sq ft/18.5 sq mtrs  
    • Does not discolor, crack, chip, or peel.