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OSR Dry, the Engineered Solution to Removing Mold Stains

The Right Ingredients to Get the Job Done

  • Unique blend of powerful oxidizers and mold stain removers, surfactants and stabilizers
  • pH of 11 to remove mold stains
  • Lower odor formulation
  • No sanding, brushing, or blasting. Clean a surface in minutes, not hours

Clean and Protect in One Day

  • Remove stains with OSR Dry, wait 30 minutes, apply Gone 4 Good high pH protective coating
  • Products are designed to be compatible with each other

Easy to Use Dry Powder Formulation

  • Zero risk of leaks caused by damage in transit
  • Not affected by extreme heat or cold
  • Leave in the truck and don’t worry about product performance summer or winter
  • Easy Mix Formulation
  • Mix with cold water
  • Ready to apply immediately once mixed
  • Mix what you need for the job at hand
  • Ready for application of Gone 4 Good protective coating in 30 minutes
  • Seal up unused product in a pail with a lid, and take to next job

Consistent, Predictable Performance

Increase Profitability With Mold Science Products - Engineered to Work together!

The High pH Portfolio Developed to get the Job Done



OSR Dry:

  • Oxidizing stain remover with a pH of 11.0 to remove stains
  • Same day clean and protect when followed up with Gone 4 Good
  • 1500 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Ideal applications include porous and semi porous substrates such as attic sheeting, concrete, cinder blocks in crawl spaces, and left in place wood post remediation.

Gone 4 Good High pH Surface Protector:

  • Proven to prevent the growth of mold on new and remediated surfaces
  • Apply directly over top of OSR Dry treated surface
  • 1500 sq ft coverage
  • Permanent surface treatment of pH 12.4 to maintain sterility
  • 10 year limited warranty


Win More Jobs... Make More Profit on Each Job You Win!

Harness the power of pH to remove stains and ensure mold does not return
Reduce labor time, make more money
One day on job site
Easy message to share with your customers
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