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Maximize space in your van, improve your productivity, store and easily retrieve your hose, and have freshwater available at all times.

With 470 liters of freshwater instantly available, every job will be hassle free. 

The durable, roto-molded rust resistant hose reels hold up to 75 meters of vacuum and solution (pressure) hose with options to customize and expand your capacity.

The live and electric vacuum hose reel provides for powered retraction (via a convenient footswitch) to reduce fatigue and time spent “tearing” down on the job site.

The frame is constructed of high quality powder coated steel to reduce rust and corrosion. The Inlet water pump has up to 17 lpm capacity to continuously feed to the solution pump on your truckmount.

Finally, the HydraCradle is also equipped with a convenient mounting station for your in-line injection sprayer.

Tank and reels package include:

  • 470 litre lightweigh rotomoulded fresh water tank
  • Live vacuum hose reel holds up to 75 meters of 2 inch vacuum hose
  • Pedal activated 12 volt vacuum hose retraction
  • Live solution hose reel holds up to 75 meters of standard 1/4 inch solution hose
  • 12 volt freshwater demand pump to supply freshwater to truckmount
  • Convenient mounting station for Hydoforce injection sprayer
  • Convenient front hookup for fresh water filling
  • Automatically shuts off when tank is fill
  • Easily assessable freshwater demand pump filter
  • 2nd live or non live reel to fit 60mtrs of garden hose
  • 3rd live or non live reel to fit 30mtrs of 3/4inch auto pump out hose