White Styrofoam Furniture Blocks (box of 1008)

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Elevate your furniture protection and your peace of mind with our White Styrofoam Furniture Blocks. These high-density foam blocks are your ultimate solution, combining exceptional strength and crumble-free performance. Measuring 50mm x 50mm x 25mm, these blocks are designed for quick and easy deployment, ensuring hassle-free furniture safeguarding.

Say goodbye to messy aftermaths – our Styrofoam Furniture Blocks are engineered for cleanliness and precision. They come neatly organized in multi-block strips, with each case containing a generous quantity of 1,008 blocks.

With these top-tier Styrofoam Furniture Blocks, you're not just protecting your customer's furniture; you're also safeguarding your reputation for professionalism and care. Invest in the best for a cleaner, more efficient, and worry-free furniture protection experience.