Three of our most popular spotters in one low priced bundle 


All Solv is our toughest solvent and is designed for use only by professionals.

It works on a wide range of stains: graffiti, spray paint, lipstick, fingernail polish, ink, oil, grease, rubber cement... the list goes on and on. All Solv evaporates completely, leaving no resoiling residue.


Use Avenge to remove these "impossible" stains: 

blood, pet stains, urine, catsup, chocolate, coffee, tea, food, liquor, most shoe polish, cosmetics, crayon, washable ink, grime, iodine, mildew, oil, latex, paint and many more!!! 


OJ uses all natural citrus solvents to dissolve and break down adhesives, gum, tar, blue tac, tape residues and other oil and grease based materials 

It turns to a gel on contact keeping the solution on the material you are trying to remove, not penetrating into the surface below. It rinses easily from just about any surface and does not leave sticky residue behind.