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Detergent and Pre-Spray Booster... Oxyboost is a colour safe oxygen brightener when used as an additive will make any cleaning agent work better, faster and stronger.

  • Will accelerate most any alkaline cleaning agent
  • Boosts cleaning power
  • Makes whites and colors look brighter without using optical brighteners
  • Can be used to neutralize reducing agents
  • Safe on carpet and upholstery
  • Improves performance of floor strippers and hard surface cleaners


  • Add 50-100cc per 10ltrs of RTU carpet or upholstery pre-spray.
  • Allow 10 minutes of dwell time.
  • Do not mix with acid solutions.
  • Always use products fresh, and hot.
  • For best results follow the standard carpet cleaning practices outlined in IICRC S001 and Australian Standard AS/NZS-3733 /1995

Why use Oxyboost in place of Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great cleaning and brightening of certain fibers, such as synthetic fibers, but can have a negative effect on natural fibers. Testing for color loss is recommended, although it may not always be practical in the field.

Hydrogen peroxide, in liquid form, is effective as a stand-alone product but will lose its strength over time in the bottle as it reacts to added raw materials.

CCWs Oxyboost is a powdered form of hydrogen peroxide with the alkaline accelerator built with it. You can add this version of the booster to almost any pre-conditioning agent with positive effects at point-of-use.

It is more stable than liquid hydrogen peroxide as it only activates in the presence of water.

For best results mix Oxyboost well with hot water before adding to your pre-spray.