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e-Rinse is an ultra concentrated low residual emulsifying acid neutraliser and rinse agent that works to remove detergent residue, reduce wicking and restore correct pH level.

  • Emulsifier and neutraliser in one. Used as a final rinse e-Rinse EFR will aid in the removal of soil and cleaning chemicals, inhibit re-soiling, restore fibres to the correct pH level, set dyes, restore and brighten colours, reduce drying times and leave carpets & fabrics soft to touch.
  • Low residue formula can be used as a neutralising spray after cleaning and is safe for use on all types of carpets & upholstery.
  • Helps protectors bond to fibres making them last longer and work more effectively.
  • Contains next generation corrosion inhibitor that will protect your equipment.
  • Does not contain optical brighteners or toxic solvents. 
  • Exceptional performance on browning or tannin stains, as a urine neutralising treatment or as an acid spotter.

Directions for Use

  • Vacuum carpet thoroughly before any cleaning process. 
  • Pre-test for colour fastness in inconspicuous area.
  • Pre-Spray carpets & fabrics as per directions.
  • Extract with e-Rinse EFR neutralising rinse. 
    • Truckmount: Mix 1Ltr of e-Rinse EFR per 20 Litres of water to make a stock solution. Reduce metering to 3-4 GPH. 
    • Portable: Mix 50ml of e-Rinse EFR per 10 Litres of water.
  • As a neutralising after spray mix 250ml of e-Rinse EFR per 10 Litres of hot water. Lightly mist over carpet and groom with a carpet rake.
  • As a browning treatment mix 500ml of e-Rinse EFR plus 200 grams of Browning Corrector per 10 Litres of hot water. Spray onto the carpet and work in with a carpet rake. Note: In difficult cases, spray the above solution and bonnet buff dry or dry extract to remove residual colour.
  • As a urine neutralising treatment dilute at 250ml of e-Rinse EFR per 10 Litres of hot water, flood the contaminated area and let dwell for 15-20 minutes ensuring that the solution soaks into the carpet and backing. Extract thoroughly rinsing with hot water then apply enough bio-enzyme solution so that the area remains damp for 24 hours.
  • As an acid spotter use neat.