Artillery Tools Disaster Restoration Set

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The Artillery Tools Disaster Restoration Set (DR) Includes everything you need for quick, safe, and comfortable removal of flooring, gyprock lathe & plaster.

This set gives you 3 different bars on the job at the same time with the ability to make 60 different bar combinations. The DR case has one open storage spot for an additional blade up to 8-inches wide. The DR case will also hold either the 25 Inch steel or the 25 Inch fiberglass handle. Keep one of these handles assembled, so you can keep the other one stored in the case.

Set Includes the Following

  • Contractor Case
  • Steel Extension 12 Inch
  • Handle Steel 15 Inch
  • Handle Steel 25 Inch
  • Handle Fiberglass 25 Inch
  • Tapered ¾ Inch Blade
  • Standard 1¾ Inch Blade
  • Standard 3-Inch Blade
  • Scraping 6-Inch Blade
  • Spike Puller
  • Finish Nail & Staple Blade
  • Deck Blade
  • Decking Fulcrum
  • Fulcrum Extender
  • Fulcrum Standard
  • Mini Head
  • Ball Grip & Cap
  • Wrench 10 Inch
  • Fasteners (6)
  • Screwdriver #4 Phillips
  • Mallet Bolt