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The AerisGuard™ Bioactve Coil Treatment product is applied in-situ to HVAC&R heat exchanger coils for domestic, commercial and industrial air handling installations. Ideal as part of an annual maintenance program, it is applied after cleaning with AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Cleaner.

AerisGuard™ Bioactive Coil Treatment is PART B of a 2 part process and when used in conjunction with Multi-Enzyme Coil cleaner provides up to 12 months’ residual protection to control and prevent mould, fungi, and odour causing bacteria. This minimalises recontamination and improves airflow and performance of the heat exchanger over the life of the treatment and optimises energy efficiency, reduces running costs and extends asset life.

The product is non-corrosive and completely biodegradable.

  • Optimises heat exchanger performance by minimising contaminant build-up.
  • Improves energy efficiency and reduces running costs
  • Improves indoor air quality Extends asset life
  • Australian Made
  • Certified Safe for the applicator