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Join the Airflow Revolution with “4 to the Door”! By using Cool Cuffs

The 2.5” Max Vac Package is the next step in getting the most performance from your truckmount, the move up to the 2.5” vacuum hose, and the “4 to the Door” vacuum hose setup.

The package includes an AH153 2.5” Cool Y Assembly with three extra AH120 2” male cuffs, one extra AH142 2.5” female swivel cuff, and an AH146 barbed reducer. An AH155 reel reducer is included so the 2.5” hoses and 2.0” hoses can be connected and rolled up on the hose reel together.

This package has everything needed to connect 2 - 2” vacuum hoses to the Cool Y for the “4 to the Door” setup and connect a 2.5” vacuum hose to the Cool Y. There is also the cuffs and adapter needed to connect another section of 2” vacuum hose between the 2.5” vacuum hose and the wand.

Airflow Revolution with 4 to the Door

Join the Airflow Revolution with “4 to the Door”! By using Cool Cuffs and Cool Ys you can dramatically increase airflow and reduce drying times! In the “4 to the Door” set up, two sections of 2” vacuum hose are run from the two truckmount vacuum intakes to the house (the closer to the wand the better). At the house the two hose sections are connected to a Cool Y and a single 2” hose section is run from the Cool Y to the wand.

The doubling of the hose between the truck and the house cuts the internal resistance against the airflow in half and increases airflow to the Cool Y. While there is still the normal resistance in the 2” vacuum hose from the Cool Y to the wand since this section is only 50’ instead of 100’ the total system resistance is less, resulting in as much as a 20% increase in airflow at the tool!

On longer runs of hoses you can get even greater increases over standard hose setups using longer runs of the double 2” hoses, using the AH153 (2”+2” to 2.5”) Cool Y and running 2.5” vacuum hose after the Cool Y and connecting a single section of 2” vacuum hose just before the tool for more flexibility.

How To Use Cool Cuffs